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Wear-resistant coating for crane pin
Wear-resistant coating for crane pin

Product model: 3io-TL-3188-51

Product name: Wear-resistant coating for crane pin

Specifications: 5Kg 25Kg

Product use: Wear-resistant coating for crane pins Specially developed for crane pins.

Product category: Molybdenum disulfide antifriction coating

The special wear-resistant coating for crane pins contains ultra-fine solid lubricating materials, gray-black, one-component, room temperature curing type, anti-friction lubrication, good anti-rust performance, and impact resistance. Low temperature resistance -40 ℃, high temperature resistance 80 ℃. Abrasion and extreme pressure resistance. Dry film lubrication, dust and pollution prevention. Simple and easy to apply, durable and effective. It is a special antirust and abrasion resistant coating for hydraulic props.

Main characteristics of wear-resistant coatings for crane pins:

1. The use process is simple and requires less environmental conditions.

2. Dry and solidify at room temperature.

3. Temperature resistance range: -40 ℃ -80 ℃.

4. The formed coating has strong adhesion, long-lasting and effective lubrication and anti-wear.

5. Good anti-corrosion performance.

6. Good impact resistance.

7, can eliminate or reduce equipment repair and maintenance problems caused by friction, wear and so on.

Application method of special wear-resistant coating for crane pin:

In the environment of normal temperature and humidity, remove the rust, oil, and dirt from the surface of the workpiece (the adhesion of the lubricating film will be better after phosphating the metal surface). Apply the coating to the surface of the object by spraying or other methods. Production refers to the specific production process.

Special attention to wear-resistant coatings for crane pins:

Do not allow the product to come in contact with the eyes. If you accidentally splash into the eyes, lift the eyelids and rinse with running water or normal saline; do not swallow the product.

Validity period: 1 year (placed in a cool place).

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