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Oily molybdenum disulfide spray
Oily molybdenum disulfide spray

Product model: 3io-MR-2088Y

Product Name: Oily Molybdenum Disulfide Spray (English and Chinese)

Product specifications: 500ML, 24 cans / piece

Product use: oily slow-drying extreme pressure lubrication

Product category: Molybdenum disulfide lubricant spray

Oily molybdenum disulfide spray is a MoS2 lubricant made by blending a variety of additives and solvents into a pressure-resistant spray tank with a highly refined lubricating oil.

Product Usage

Oily molybdenum disulfide spray is suitable for mechanical lubrication of chains, gears, drilling and non-circulating lubrication systems. The effect is remarkable and easy to use.

Main performance

1. Oily molybdenum disulfide spray has good resistance to extreme pressure, rust and lubrication.

2. The oily molybdenum disulfide spray is adsorbed on the metal surface to form a tight oily film layer, which plays a good role in protection and lubrication.

3. Easy to carry and simple to use.


1. Shake the contents of the container fully for about 30 seconds during use to facilitate uniform spraying.

2. When spraying, spray 20-30CM away from the workpiece.

Packaging and storage

☆ Packing: 500ml / can, 24 cans / piece.

☆ Storage: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place with a shelf life of 1 year

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