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Matters needing attention when purchasing molybdenum disulfide grease

Molybdenum disulfide grease can reduce mechanical friction, prevent metal aging and prevent air leakage, oil leakage and water leakage to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. The following factors should be considered when selecting grease

Temperature: Temperature has a great influence on the grease. If the environment and the operating temperature of the machine are high, high temperature resistant grease should be selected.

Rotating speed: The temperature rise of high-speed parts is high and fast, and it is easy to make the grease thin and lose, so a thicker grease should be used.

Load: Because the degree of grease penetration has a bearing on the load that can be used during use, grease with a small penetration (larger consistency) should be used for larger loads; if it is subjected to both heavy and shock loads, it should be selected Greases containing extreme pressure additives, such as greases containing molybdenum disulfide.

Requirements for special parts: Select according to the different working environment of the machine. In wet environments, greases with strong water resistance should be used; in dusty environments, thick grease containing graphite is used; in acid-containing environments, hydrocarbon-based greases are used; if there are special requirements for sealing, they should be used Use barium-based grease.

After years of research and accumulation, Yilin Company has developed and developed composite lubrication and antifriction products based on molybdenum disulfide. It can be used for solid lubrication and anti-wear under different complex conditions, and solves the fields that conventional lubrication cannot. . We have inherited the scheme design of "Shanghai Center Building Glass Curtain Wall Bearing Lubrication System" and the processing of the lubricating coating of parts; the design and construction of the lubrication system of Ma'anshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge in Anhui and Wuhan Yingzhouzhou Changjiang Bridge; R & D, process design, and large-scale production of bearing lubricating and anti-friction coatings for bearing bush companies; R & D, process design, and large-scale production of lubricant coatings for fasteners of large domestic standard parts companies. Our solid lubrication and anti-wear technology have filled the gaps in the domestic industry and achieved large-scale production. The technical indicators have reached and exceeded the world advanced level. Many technologies are patented.

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