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Principles to Follow When Selecting Molybdenum Disulfide-Based Grease

There are still many tips on the choice of lubricants and lithium molybdenum disulfide-based greases. The first thing to consider is to choose different ones according to different types of machines.

According to the type of refrigerant, it is necessary to consider the interaction between the lubricant and the refrigerant. For example, refrigerants such as Freon are soluble in mineral oil, so the viscosity of the selected lubricant is higher than that of the insoluble refrigerant to ensure that the lubricant can be lubricated after being diluted. In addition, pay attention to the small amount of lubricating oil mixed in the refrigerant will not affect the operation of the refrigeration system. Check whether the lubricating oil mixed in the refrigerant precipitates wax crystals and block the refrigeration system. This is what we often say is frozen lubricating oil, Quality index of the flocculation point of lipid.

Lubricants are selected according to the type of compression; there are three types of compressors for refrigerators, piston, screw and centrifugal. Piston and screw lubricants are in direct contact with the refrigerant, so the mutual influence between them must be considered when selecting the lubricant. Centrifugal lubricants are only used to lubricate the rotor bearings, so they can be based on the load and speed Choose size N32 or N46 steam turbine lubricating oil, grease.

The choice of refrigerator oil and grease is directly related to whether the refrigerator can run normally and efficiently. Improper selection will make the refrigerator inoperable.

In addition to selecting the lubricant according to the type of refrigerant, the lubricant can also be selected according to the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant. Generally, the lubricant and grease with the corresponding freezing point are selected according to the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant, and ammonia is used as the refrigerant. The freezing point of the freezer used should be lower than the evaporation temperature. With Freon as the refrigerant, the freezing point of the lubricating oil can be slightly higher than the evaporation temperature.

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