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Composition and application of molybdenum disulfide grease

In the composition of molybdenum disulfide grease, the base oil is mainly mineral oil. For greases with a wide temperature range, the base oil is required to have good dry temperature, good low temperature activity, low pour point, low transpiration at high temperature, and difficult to oxidize. Two additives can usually be divided into oily agents and extreme pressure agents. The so-called oily agent refers to the ability to reduce the conflict and wear in the smooth gap. The oily quality can be measured by the conflict coefficient, the better the oiliness; the smaller the conflict coefficient, the worse the oiliness. Extreme pressure agents are chemically reacted to form extreme pressure films due to the high temperature of the conflicting appearance, which has a solid and smooth effect.

Molybdenum disulfide grease layout and properties Grease is a solid colloid dispersion system, and its layout can be roughly divided into three parts, thickened fiber organization; riding network layout; liquid component adsorption in the network layout. The Bingham type shear active curve grease layout skeleton was damaged, and some base oil flowed out from the damaged layout skeleton. Its properties are directly related to the layout situation. Grease has a higher dropping point. Grease dropping points are often used to budget for high operating temperatures. The classification, selection and use of grease, its basic elements of classified grease include: composition (soap base), use, conditions of smooth parts (temperature, speed, load, oiling method), the function of grease ( Mechanical stability, rust resistance, leak resistance, pumpability, and low temperature functionality). According to the composition of thickeners, greases are divided into four major groups: soap-based greases, hydrocarbon-based greases, inorganic greases and organic greases.

At high speeds, greases made from low-viscosity mineral oils such as rhenium-based grease, calcium-based grease, or component oil greases should be used. Due to the good mechanical stability of these greases, resistance to shear can be strong. Regarding low-speed greases, it is necessary to ensure satisfactory adhesion and proper extreme pressure, and to select greases with high cone penetration made of high-viscosity mineral oil. For heavy-load equipment, greases with a high base oil viscosity or with extreme pressure additives should be selected; for medium- and low-load equipment, soap-based greases and medium viscosity base oils should be used

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