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Functional characteristics of molybdenum disulfide lubricant

Molybdenum disulfide lubricant is made of ultra-fine molybdenum disulfide as the base material, which can form a layer of fast-drying molybdenum disulfide spray smoother on the metal surface. Molybdenum disulfide dry smoothing agent has a low coefficient of friction. After spraying, it can form a strong, heat-resistant, and heavy pressure-resistant molybdenum disulfide smooth protective film on the friction surface of metal parts, and then prevent parts from abrasion, ablation, and seizure. . The molybdenum disulfide lubricant is planned to be smooth, smooth and anti-sintering temperature as high as 450 ℃ for slides, spiral mosquitoes, guide rails, connecting rods and places where general machinery is difficult to maintain.


1. When cleaning the metal, fill all the pores, pits, scratches and other micro-hole defects on the metal surface, which greatly reduces the friction under load conditions;

2. Free of grease and graphite. It is very effective as a pre-smooth coating for high temperature mechanical devices, and can be used as a smoothing agent for installation, a smoothing agent for the close part of a punch, and other high-pressure parts;

3. Excellent metal surface adhesion and rust resistance, which can prevent abrasion, abrasion and sintering between metals;

4.Excellent water scour resistance and corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient, wide operating temperature range

Recommended Applications

1.Applicable to high-load bearings, slide rails, guide rails, pins, air valves, splines, guide grooves, and screw rods and smooth running-in; stamping molds, slides, tortuous, punching, punching, punching dies Smooth; high-load shaft / cup sleeve, shaft pin / hole flower installation is smooth.

2. Used for assembling and disassembling threads, shaft sleeves, and fasteners under extreme pressure conditions smoothly to prevent the cooperation department from jamming and sintering; used for running-in of new machines and slight smooth or intermittent moving parts for permanent smoothness

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