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Some things to know about the use of high temperature grease

1.How to pack

High temperature resistant grease is a colloidal structure, especially soap-based grease. Under long-term gravity, oil separation will inevitably occur. The larger the grease packaging container, the more this pressure-separating tendency becomes. Therefore, try to avoid using oversized packages. In addition, the packaging should be tightly sealed to avoid dust and moisture. The well-sealed packaging container can also prevent the entry of oxygen, making the grease difficult to oxidize and deteriorate during storage.

How to ship

Handling and loading and unloading of high-temperature-resistant grease should be as light as possible to avoid heavy impact. When transporting, use an oil drum special truck, pulley or forklift, and do not roll along the edge of the drum. When standing, it should be erected. Before and after transportation, make sure that the sealing cover is intact and take rainproof measures. The packaging container is damaged, the sealing mouth is deformed, and foreign matter or rain is infiltrated, which will deteriorate.

3.How to store

High temperature resistant grease should be stored in a cool room as much as possible, and the temperature should not be higher than 35 ° C. If there is no indoor storage condition, it should be covered with tarpaulin to avoid sunlight and rain. After opening the barrel to take the grease, do not leave a hole in the packaging barrel. The surface of the grease should be smoothed to help reduce oil separation.

4. Shelf life

Under unopened and recommended storage temperature, general special high temperature grease products can be stored for 3-5 years (counting from the production date). If products that have passed the limited period of time still need to be used, we recommend that they be used after passing the test, and try not to use the products that have expired during the use.

5. Environmental protection and health

It is strictly forbidden to discharge waste oil and grease directly into the ditch into the soil to prevent pollution of water sources and the environment. The waste oil should be collected and collected, and then returned to the environmental protection company approved by the government. Persons with skin allergies or scratches should avoid direct and indirect contact with the lubricant.

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