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Characteristics of molybdenum disulfide powder products

The thermal diffusion method is easy to operate and can obtain thicker smooth coatings. However, currently, metal doping cannot be used to improve the hardness, and few reports on film formation parameters make it temporarily unsuitable for practice. Since the use of molybdenum disulfide has greatly reduced wear and tear. The above includes the economic value of 0.2% increase in output due to smoother performance and increased vehicle speed. In addition, there are factories that use molybdenum disulfide self-dispensing oil agent on 1000 cloth machines and carding machines with a total of 23 oil eyes / sets and 35 oil eyes / sets. For parts, the fuel was once every 8 to 12 hours, but now it is extended to 360 hours for one refueling. The refueling cycle can generally be extended by 10 to 30 times.

Because of its special layered structure, molybdenum sulfide has high bearing capacity and low conflict factor, and is one of the commonly used solid smoothing agents. Molybdenum disulfide has been used in the military as early as 1950, and has been included in the current US IL standard in 1965. potential. Dry smoothing agent is a kind of smoothing agent containing ultrafine molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Quick-drying and wear-resistant. For continuous smooth operation, it is resistant to low temperature -180 ℃, high temperature 350 ℃. When anti-seize agent is used. Long life and good effect. It has the advantages of dust and pollution prevention, and has a wide range of applications. Molybdenum disulfide is an important solid smoothing agent, especially suitable for high temperature and pressure. It is also antimagnetic, and can be used as a linear photoconductor and a semiconductor showing P-type or N-type conductivity, with the effects of rectification and energy conversion. Molybdenum disulfide can also be used as a catalyst for dehydrogenation of complex hydrocarbons.

Molybdenum disulfide products have the advantages of good dispersibility and non-adhesion, which can be added to various greases to form a non-adhesive colloid state, which can increase the smoothness and extreme pressure of the grease. The thermal spraying method has the characteristics of diversity, extensive preparation of coatings, and economical application, but the structure of the general coating is uneven, and contaminated inclusions will form a layered structure during the intermittent spraying interval, resulting in bonding Weak. Molybdenum disulfide solid smoothing agent has the advantages of low conflict coefficient, large bearing capacity, good abrasion resistance, and strong bonding with the substrate. It is widely used in aerospace, electronics, machinery manufacturing and other fields. After controlling the impurity content and grain size during sputtering, the coefficient of conflict under vacuum was reduced to 0.001, which fully demonstrated the unique performance of friction reduction and smoothness. A solid powder made by modifying the molecular structure of natural molybdenum concentrate powder after chemical purification. This product is black with silver-gray color, has metallic luster, feels slippery when touched, and is insoluble in water.

Participate in adhesives and other additives in molybdenum disulfide powder to make anti-friction glue. The anti-friction adhesive's effect mechanism is the use of surface adhesive coating technology through physical 2 chemical reactions on the conflicting surface with a cured coating method of rubber to reduce friction, wear correction and pre-maintenance. An epoxy resin is added to the molybdenum disulfide as a binder, a low-molecular polyamide resin is used as a curing agent, and auxiliary materials such as graphite and alumina are added to make antifriction rubber. The anti-friction adhesive made from this has the advantages of long service life and wide range of applicable working conditions, but the wear is still obvious under high-speed conflict conditions. Different metal surface treatment methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the past, weaving workshops used 1,200 kg of red machine oil per month. After using molybdenum disulfide oil agent, only 270 kg were used per month. This saved 9O kg of oil per month and 50,000 kg of oil since the 66 years of promotion. The small oil eye was extended from once a week to two weeks, and the large oil eye was changed from 8 hours plus once to 24 hours plus once. Yarn yard, cloth yard and power saving are all above 5%. The number of professional oilers was reduced from 24 to 8.

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