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  Self-lubricating and anti-friction project between saddle and seat of Ma'anshan Bridge

Long-distance view of the construction site of the central tower The processing base of the glass curtain wall of the Shanghai Tower

Performance test of friction block workpiece for glass curtain wall support system

Yingluo Yangtze River Bridge self- lubricating coating

Sandblasted surface of Wuhan Jianghan Sixth Bridge of the Yangtze River

Wuhan Jianghan Sixth Yangtze River Bridge Sixth Bridge Saddle Body Floor

The saddle floor of the Wuhan Jianghan Sixth Yangtze River Bridge saddle has been installed in place

Yilin lubricates employees to promote friction coefficient during construction test

The saddle is in place and encapsulates the Chongqing Jiangjin Yangtze River Bridge saddle self-lubricating project

Chongqing Luantan Bridge Saddle Body Saddle Composite Lubrication Engineering Lubrication Engineering System Under Construction

Ma'anshan Bridge self-lubricating and wear-reducing scheme "Norway Harold Land" bridge project is being launched!

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