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Do you know the characteristics of molybdenum disulfide lubricants?

Molybdenum disulfide is a solid powder made by modifying the molecular structure of natural molybdenum concentrate powder after chemical purification.

Molybdenum disulfide lubricant is made of ultra-fine molybdenum disulfide as the base material. It can form a fast and dry film of molybdenum disulfide spray smoother on the metal surface.

This product is black with silver-gray color, has metallic luster, feels slippery when touched, and is insoluble in water. The product has the advantages of good dispersibility and non-adhesion. It can be added to various greases to form a non-adhesive colloid state, which can increase the smoothness and extreme pressure of the grease. It is also suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure, high-speed, high-load mechanical working conditions, extending the life of equipment.

The main function of molybdenum disulfide for friction data is to reduce friction at low temperature and increase friction at high temperature. The burning loss is small and it is volatile in the friction data.

Anti-friction: The particle size of molybdenum disulfide processed by supersonic jet grinding reaches 325-2500 mesh, micro-particle hardness is 1-1.5, and friction coefficient is 0.05-0.1, so it can be used to reduce friction in friction data

Antifriction: Molybdenum disulfide is not conductive, and there are copolymers of molybdenum disulfide, molybdenum trisulfide, and molybdenum trioxide. When the temperature of the friction material rises sharply due to friction, the molybdenum trioxide particles in the copolymer shrink as the temperature rises, which plays a role in increasing friction;

Antioxidation: Molybdenum disulfide is obtained through comprehensive reaction of chemical purification. Its PH value is 7-8, which is slightly alkaline. It covers the appearance of the friction data, can maintain other data, prevent them from being oxidized, especially makes other data difficult to fall apart, and strengthens the adhesion.

While cleaning the metal, stop filling all pores, pits, scratches and other micro-hole defects on the surface of the metal, which greatly reduces the friction under load conditions;

Free of grease and graphite. It is very effective as a pre-smooth coating for high temperature mechanical installation, and it can be used as an assembly smoothing agent, a smoothing agent for the close part of the punch, and other high pressure parts;

Excellent metal surface adhesion and rust prevention, which can avoid abrasion, abrasion and sintering between metals;

Excellent water erosion resistance and corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, and wide temperature range.

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