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High-quality coatings with high temperature resistance

High temperature resistant coating is a kind of space energy-saving thermal insulation coating (space energy-saving thermal insulation coating includes high temperature type and normal temperature type), which is the world's first. The coating is an inorganic single component and adopts a special solution without any odor. Temperature resistance range (-80-1800 ℃), high-temperature insulation coatings only need to be 0.03W / mK, which can effectively suppress and shield infrared radiation and heat conduction. The heat insulation suppression efficiency can reach about 90%, which can suppress The heat radiation and heat loss of high-temperature objects can effectively keep cold to low-temperature objects and can suppress the loss of cold caused by radiant heat from the environment, and can also prevent the occurrence of object condensation. High temperature resistant coatings can also be used as high temperature resistant adhesives. This type of coating can withstand temperatures of 1800 ° C and higher. It can be used as coating materials for ceramics, glass, and metals, as well as ceramic, glass, and metal adhesives. It is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum industry, natural gas extraction, aerospace and other industrial fields. Apply to the surface of metal and other objects at room temperature, dry at low temperature or self-dried at room temperature. The adhesion to metal is very good, very hard, can not be scraped off with a blade, the strength is more obvious after high temperature calcination, and does not crack, resistant to 1800 degrees. , Can be used in metal iron, steel, aluminum, ceramics, glass and other appearances.

High temperature resistant paint is an important coating. Since the industrial consumption of organic silicon in the 1940s, the high temperature resistant paint formulated with its products has been widely used in high temperature motors and electrical insulation. For example, silicone aluminum powder paint is used in high temperature resistant anticorrosive coatings of aircraft launchers, and has achieved great achievements. Silicone ceramic glass coatings have met the requirements of higher temperature anticorrosive coatings. However, due to its poor mechanical properties, silicone has good adhesion. Abrasion resistance, low solvent resistance, increasingly unable to meet the requirements of modern motors, electrical appliances, aerospace and special media resistance, thus presenting a series of heterocyclic polymers. The polymer has been successfully used in special high temperature resistant engineering plastics, molding compounds, films, laminating materials, adhesives and coatings. In addition to stopping the transformation of the pure silicon oxygen main chain and introducing N, Ti, P, B, etc. into the main chain, it is also modified with organic resins to make it heat-resistant, radiation-resistant, oil-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, and wear-resistant. Nevertheless, these new polymers have not been widely used in high-temperature coatings, and most of the products are still in the development stage.

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